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Library Policies

    Standards of Conduct

    In order to provide a library experience that is pleasant and productive, the CCPL Board of Trustees have established Standards of Conduct.

    View the Standards of Conduct here.

    Internet Use Policy

    In support of its mission to inspire lifelong discovery, facilitate collaboration, and connect people with resources, the library makes internet access available to its patrons, along with collections of print, non-print, and electronic resources. Internet use in the library means using the library's network to access the internet either on library workstations, on equipment loaned by the library, or through a wireless connection.

    View the Internet Use Policy here.

    Safe Child Policy

    The library's Safe Child Policy is designed to help parents and caregivers understand the expectations for monitoring their children's behavior during library visits.

    View the Safe Child Policy here.

    Meeting Room Policy

    The library allows organizations, businesses, and groups to use its public meeting rooms. Permission to use the library's public meeting rooms does not imply endorsement of the aims, policies, activities, or affiliation of any such group or organization.

    View the Meeting Room Policy here.

    Collection Development Policy

    The library’s materials collection is developed and managed to meet the cultural, informational, educational, and recreational needs of the library’s service area. The library builds and maintains a patron-oriented collection by anticipating and responding to the needs and expectations of all facets of the community.

    View the Collection Development Policy here.

    Programming Policy

    The library supports its mission of inspiring lifelong discovery, facilitating collaboration, and connecting people with resources by developing and presenting programs that provide additional opportunities for learning and entertainment. Programs are provided as a means through which the public of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and interest groups can share experiences, appreciate special interests, and exchange information.

    View the Programming Policy here.

    Interested in submitting a program proposal? View our guidelines here.

    Exhibit Policy

    The library also supports its mission by hosting exhibits that provide additional opportunities for learning and entertainment.

    View the Exhibit Policy here.

    Interested in submitting an exhibit proposal? View our guidelines here.

    Photography & Videography Guidelines

    Non-commercial photography and videography are generally allowed without prior written permission provided such activity does not interfere with other patrons’ use of the library. Photos and video may not capture identifiable likenesses of individuals without their permission. Individuals who take pictures must honor requests from patrons who do not want to be included in photos. Simple tripods may be used if they do not obstruct passageways or cause disturbances to patrons. Separate light and sound equipment may not be used. The library reserves the right to terminate any photography or videography if it results in disruption of library operations or violates the library’s Standards of Conduct.

    Requests for commercial photography or videography may be submitted using the Email form on the library's Contact Us webpage.

    News-related photography and videography are permitted provided the activity does not disrupt library operations. Notification is not required but is appreciated for news-related activities on library property.

    Community Information Board Guidelines

    The Carmel Clay Public Library provides space at its Main Library for announcements/notices from local nonprofit organizations as a service to the public.

    • Items for posting may promote nonprofit civic, cultural, educational, recreational, and charitable organizations and events.
    • Items will not be posted for for-profit businesses or groups or for activities designed for individual or commercial profit or gain. The library will not display posters, petitions, or notices for political parties or candidates or those advocating a position on a public issue. The library does not post participant requests for medical or other research studies. The library does not post promotional information about tutoring services. The library will not display materials that have a religious message.
    • Items should be of reasonable size for the display space available. The appearance and content of the item must be suitable for the library's general public service area.
    • To allow as many flyers as possible to be posted, items will only be posted for a limited time, not to exceed a 2-month period. Only one copy of a flyer will be posted.

    Items for posting may be submitted at any public service desk and must receive approval by the library's Communications Department before posting. Materials left for consideration cannot be held or returned. Due to time constraints, staff are unable to follow up regarding posting status. Materials approved for posting will be displayed as space allows.

    Due to space limitations, community information is not posted or distributed at the library's West Branch.

    Posting of materials by the library does not indicate endorsement of issues, events, or services promoted by those materials. The library is not responsible for the accuracy of the information displayed.

    Charitable Collections Guidelines

    Local nonprofit organizations may request that the Carmel Clay Public Library’s Main Library serve as a collection point for donated goods, such as articles of clothing and food items.

    • The collection period must be of a limited duration and will be determined by the library. Donation drives will not be scheduled more than 12 months in advance.
    • Donation drives for materials that are accepted by the library’s Foundation Friends (including books and audiovisual materials) will not be approved.
    • The library provides a bin for donation collection that will be placed inside the south entrance during the collection period. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for making frequent visits to the library to pick up donated items so that the collection bin does not fill up. All donated items must be picked up within 48 hours of the end of the collection period.
    • The sponsoring organization will provide information about the drive for a library-created sign that will be placed on the collection bin.
    • Due to space limitations, the library’s West Branch may not serve as a collection point. 

    Requests may be submitted using the Email form on the library's Contact Us webpage.

    Serving as a collection point does not indicate the library’s endorsement of the sponsoring organization. The library is not responsible for items donated. 

    Guidelines for Political Activity on Library Property

    People may collect signatures on library property (outside the library building) for legitimate ballot measures. An example of an acceptable petition would be one designed to get the name of a candidate onto an election ballot. Campaigning on behalf of a political candidate is also allowed outside the library building. These activities should be at least 15 feet from an entrance door. On days when the library is serving as a polling place, these activities must also be at least 50 feet from the entrance to the voting area.

    Upon arrival, individuals engaging in the types of political activity described above should make themselves known to a library staff member. While gathering signatures or sharing campaign information, the individual should be respectful of patrons who are using the library and should follow the Library Standards of Conduct. These activities should be done only during the hours that the library is open, and campaign materials should not be left unattended on library grounds.

    On days when the library is serving as a polling place, campaign signs may be posted in the designated area, which is at least 50 feet from the entrance to the voting area. Campaign signs may not be placed more than 12 hours prior to the start of voting and must be removed not more than 5 hours after the close of voting.

    People who are interested in conducting a voter registration drive at the library should contact the Assistant Director in advance to inquire about scheduling.