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Digital Media Lab

3D Printing

    How to Order a 3D Print

    Email a 3D model file

    Email a 3D model file in the form of either a .STL or .OBJ to Include your phone number, desired color, potential size alterations, and any other notes relevant to your 3D print. A CCPL Digital Media Lab Specialist will contact you before printing to review the details.

    Available colors for PLA filament

    Note that hues may change over time.

    red, pink, orange, yellow, green, light green, blue, light blue, purple, gold, copper, silver, black, and white

    Prints can only be one color per model.

    Available colors for PETG filament

    yellow, black, white, silver

    Available special filament

    light wood, dark wood, warm tri-color, cool tri-color, gold tri-color, mint chip, lavender chip, vanilla chip, mermaid, sunrise, sunset

    After you submit your file for printing

    After you have emailed your 3D file to us, we will carefully review your model for printing. Then we will email you to let you know if your model is possible to print on the machines in our lab and what the cost will be to print. Please note that some designs will not work for FDM printing.

    Paying for 3D Prints

    When your 3D print is ready to pick up, you will receive a call or email. Payment is required for a 3D print, and the cost is based on the amount of filament used. Payment by credit or debit card is accepted at the Digital Media Lab.

    Print Prices: Standard Filament (PLA or PETG)

    $3 (under 60 grams)
    $5 (under 105 grams)
    $7 (under 150 grams)
    $10 (under 210 grams)
    $0.05 per gram on overs over 210 grams

    $3.00 set-up fee per model printed in patron's own filament

    Print Prices: Special Filament

    $6 (under 60 grams)
    $10 (under 105 grams)
    $14 (under 150 grams)
    $20 (under 210 grams)
    $0.10 per gram on overs over 210 grams (subject to size limits)

    • DML printers 1
    • DML printers 2
    • DML printers 3
    • DML printers 4
    • DML printers 5
    • DML printers 6
    • DML prints 1
    • DML prints 2
    • DML prints 3
    • DML prints 4
    • DML prints 5
    • DML prints 6

    3D Printing FAQs

      • No, you do not need to know how to use a 3D printer to submit a 3D model for printing. Staff at the DML will handle the printing and setup for you.

      • The time to receive your printed model will depend on its complexity, size, and number of pieces, as well as how many other 3D print projects are in the waiting list. We recommend allowing 2 weeks for printing.

      • Our Makergear M3-ID machines have a build volume of 8"W x 10"L x 8"H.

        Our largest printer, the Modix Big 40, has a build volume of 16"W x16"L x 32"H.

      • PLA prints well, is available in a lot of colors, and is a strong, rigid material. It does not have good resistance to high temperatures. If you plan to use your printed item in your car, for example, PLA will get soft and warp in a car on a hot Indiana summer day. 

        PETG is a better choice for things that will be used outdoors or in hot indoor environments. PETG does not work well on things with moving parts. It is also more difficult to remove support material from PETG builds, so complex parts or those with overhangs are best printed in PLA.

      • Create your own 3D model file in CAD software or download models from online websites.

        • Tinkercad is a free online application for 3D modeling for ages 12 and up. See our activities page to learn how you can get started in 3D modeling.
        • Fusion 360 is a professional CAD software available on the Macs at the Digital Media Lab.
        • Download premade files on websites such as Thingiverse, Cults3D, or Yeggi. Be aware that models from online sites may not be properly designed for 3D printing.
        • 3D models from websites like CG trader and Sketchfab are often not intended for 3D printing.